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MarketSuite Submit! will register a client's Web site with over 1,500 search engines and directories. Submission packages range in price from $19.95 to $79.95. MarketSuite Mall signups range in price from $24 to $199.
Search engine optimization and placement services with top-ten ranking guarantee. Boosts both on- page criteria and popularity score to achieve top search engine positions for any keywords you choose.
Webmaster Resources Web Board Sign Up
Sign up on their web board and tell them about your web host or your favorite affiliate program.
P.S.E.I.(Professional Search Engine Installer)
P.S.E.I. automatically submits your site to more than 900 search engines. You reap the rewards of good search engine placement. Users have seen visitors to their sites jump from zero to thousands within days.
WonderDesk is a fully automated web based help desk. Increase your level of customer support by using this help desk. It will keep your incoming support calls organized and allow your customers to track the progress/solution to their support request. No more need to have a support email account that becomes cluttered and disorganized. This Help Desk cgi script will do it all for you.
Moreover is a powerful web-based application that allows anyone to add fresh, dynamic news headlines to their site. It's simple, free, and easy to customize content, look and feel. Users choose from over 250 news categories, pulling headlines from almost 2000 content providers. This is THE best source of dynamic news content available on the web. Moreover supplies the freshest news, in the most categories, from the most and highest quality news sources. It's completely FREE, and people love it.
Hitsnclicks.com is a subscription based online marketing knowledge bank that enables members to drive traffic, value and revenue to their website using proven, traffic generating techniques, value generating content and revenue generating partners and affiliates.
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