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supplemental help for kids to expand math skills? My Child's Tutor.com provides a math lessons and practice worksheets for grades 1 - 8. Now a parent and child can review/practice math based on new education standards (ranked in the top 5 from all states). Lessons cover math concepts succinctly using color, graphics and animations. Worksheets are designed for a child to demonstrate an understanding of the steps to solving math problems. It's convenient and interactive via the Internet for use any time.
Computer Training Online
370+ Web based computer training courses including: Microsoft, Lotus, networking, NT, HTML, CGI, Perl, Unix, C++, SAT, Cisco, Oracle, business, accounting and more. Free Trial!
Great Grades Distance Learning
Greatgrades.com is an exclusive website created for parents who want to provide their family with excellent educational software that fits each childs needs. A+LS Home is our newly created Home version of the A+dvanced Learning System, one of the most successful, comprehensive 1-12 grade educational software programs available. Currently being used in over 8,000 schools nationwide. A+LS provides a highly unique solution for instructing your child and a premier educational software program for home study.
Britannica Store
Britannica,this is the home of the encylopedia Britaica, Merriam Webster, and other knowledge and entertainment products..