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AffiliateParadise has hundreds of UK and US affiliate program links for any website. They also have much help and submission links. This is a good site to use when looking to make money from your site and is closely affiliated with LetsWebShop.com.
LinkShare Referral Program
LinkShare is a huge data base of affiliates. Just sign up with them and they will give you all the affiliate companies you need.
TradeDoubler is a UK affiliate site. They offer some exellent click through rates and have some very good companies on their site.
Affiliatewindow.com pays you per merchant that joins the network. You get 15% of the 999 it costs to join. Thats almost 150 per sale. On top of that we pay you each time you sign up a new affiliate into the affiliatewindow.com affiliate network. The commission is 5% of the commissions earned by your recruits FOR LIFE!
Exchange-it is a free service designed to help web sites trade advertising with each other. They welcome you to visit our web site and sample our services.
UKaffiliates is an affiliacte site full of UK companies.
UKaffiliate is your definative site for UK affiliate content. Have a look and see if you can make some money.


Become an affiliate and earn $$$$. PluInGo.com provides the most innovative affiliate community in the industry. Enter to win a Porsche Boxster!Join at www.plugingo.com!
ValueClick have loads of UK and US specific programmes.
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